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Rose Wine Pink Sparkly Glitter Photo Bridal Shower Invitation


Rose Wine Pink Sparkly Glitter Photo Bridal Shower Invitation

This elegant, girly, and chic photo wedding bridal shower party invitation is perfect for the trendy and stylish woman. It depicts a faux printed rose wine pink sparkly glitter and color ombre gradient with a custom cursive script typography setup. It’s a glamorous, feminine, simple, and unique touch on a popular trend sweeping the design world. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind take on this classic design concept. This design also includes a feature photograph of the guest of honor. Just replace the picture with one of your own.

***IMPORTANT DESIGN NOTE: For any custom design request such as matching product requests, color changes, placement changes, or any other change request, please click on the “CONTACT” button or email the designer directly at [email protected] You can even email her a request for a completely custom and new design.

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