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Vintage Thanksgiving Harvest Time [3D] iPhone 11 Pro Max Case


Vintage Thanksgiving Harvest Time [3D] Case-Mate iPhone Case

A traditional, vintage Thanksgiving image on a phone case of a Thanksgiving harvest bounty. Image says, “When the harvest time riches strew our way, Let us rejoice on Thanksgiving Day.” This product was created using our signature design to restore the image and make it more vibrant. All our products are vintage images restored with our unique, signature technique using artificial intelligence. Thanks for visiting one of the Internet’s most unique, weird, and funny vintage sites. This store is unique because we spend many hours searching for only the most amazing images we can find in over 300 resources, and we’ve been searching for them for over 25 years. That’s why you won’t find any vintage stores quite like ours. We have over 5,500 products to choose from, and our graphics department ensures that every image on our store is of the highest quality possible. If you like a certain image, we give you complete creative freedom to transfer that image to another Zazzle product you’d rather have it on. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN IMAGES. We used advanced software and techniques to create them. They are signature designs, and we ask that you respect our copyright. Thanks a lot for that. We really appreciate it.. – The Breathtaking Vintage team (28)

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